Church 4 Chicks 2010 “People resonate with authentic, passionate people. This is why people resonate with Shelley…”

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People resonate with authentic, passionate people. This is why people resonate with Shelley. She shares her story of God’s grace in a fun, compelling way, and in doing so allows others to see a picture of that very same grace reflected in their own story. I am so excited to see how Jesus is leveraging her life to encourage others and move the Kingdom forward.

  • Jeff Henderson, Campus Pastor, Gwinnett Church, Part of North Point Community Church

What Others Are Saying

“It deeply blesses and greatly impresses me when I meet young Christian women who have a passion for God’s Word and the ability to articulate that passion to communicate God’s message to the lost, the hurting and the next generation. Shelley Hendrix is one of those young, passionate, articulate women who, out of the overflow of her relationship with the Lord Jesus, is pursuing God’s call on her life to teach, lead and encourage other women. Whether reading Shelley’s books or hearing her as she teaches and mentors women across the street or across the country, she is on a mission, fulfilling the Great Commission and making a difference.” Babbie Mason

“At a time when teaching seems to lack both dynamics and content, Shelley Hendrix provides a wonderful combination of both.” Ken Davis, Best-selling author & Comedian

The first time we met Shelley, we were immediately drawn to how she speaks God’s truth in a loving, relatable, and genuine way. The way she communicates is a true gift  that God has blessed her with, and she shines in the role of a speaker and teacher. Whether we are having coffee or at an event, we want to get out a piece of paper and jot down different truths that come from her mouth.

She has used her curriculum on Hope to speak to the single moms of Beloved for a semester. Week after week, we have seen women resonate to her teaching, draw closer to God, and gain a deeper understanding of their value and worth as daughters of the King. We are thankful for Shelley’s obedience to use the gifting of teaching God has given her for His glory.

-Beloved Ministries Leaders 


“Periodically, a writer will come along that you have had the opportunity to know as much about their character as you do their writing. This happens to be the case with Shelley Hendrix. I have had the privilege of knowing Shelley and her husband for many years, and to know both of them before they met and married each other. Shelley writes from a life of experience…which has been molded in the crucible that God has allowed her to live through in years past. Take experience, integrity, and place her skills alongside of it; you will be encouraged, challenged, and stretched.”   Dr. Johnny Hunt, Former President of the Southern Baptist Association, Author and Pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA (Excerpt from the Foreword to “On Purpose For a Purpose” available for purchase.)


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